E Liquid Wholesale

Wholesale buying refers to buying a particular product in abundance. It involves buying of the items directly from the manufacturer without any middleman involved. You can consider an option of purchasing in wholesale if you want to try business in the e liquid market or if you are retailer of the cigarette or if you are an owner of a store which deals in the e liquid.

Benefits of buying an E Liquid from Wholesale

  • Saving of the money: When you decide on buying in wholesale you eliminate the middleman and shipping costs involved with it, thus you save money. You pay only for the raw materials and the labor fee. You also avoid the charges of the warehouses and the traders involved midway. You also get the benefit of purchasing the e liquid on the prices of the factory. It reduces the cost of a bottle up-to 50 percent.
  • Building of your own brand: By purchasing from the wholesale you can rebrand the product by giving it your name. Since these bottles are shipped in the packing made up of generic bottles you are free to mark your own logo on the bottle.
  • Enhancing the knowledge of the industry: buying the product in the wholesale can help you get in touch with the manufacturer and you also get familiar with the working process of the company. You come to know about various aspects like flavors, ingredients used, quality and packing.
  • Access to new products: You can build a strong relation with the supplier of the product and avail the facility of new deals even before they hit the market.

Process of buying

It can be a difficult task to find the right kind of retailer. You will have to test all the flavors and this can be a little time consuming. To get a better knowledge of this you can also visit the online forums and look for their recommendations which will prove to be beneficial. You can go through the various sites of the company dealing with the e liquid and see the flavors they offer. Further send the enquiry to your desired retailers. Make sure you avail the best prices and tastiest flavors. It is recommended that you buy the e liquid form the people who are not specialized.

Price and shipping

The reason you buy in wholesale is that you will cut on your cost. Price plays an important role in the selection of the supplier. Less the cost of the product, more is the margin. Keep in mind that with the low price the supplier should be able to provide you with the best of quality.

A supplier with larger warehouse always has the flavors which are popular among the customers. They also maintain the inventory. Make a contact with the retailer so that he can provide you with the refill within the span of 5-7 days. You can also order from overseas as they are said to be reliable, costs you less and also make the delivery on time.


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E Juice Flavors

Popular E Liquid Flavors

This category of E Liquid is a mix of robust tobacco and heart. This range provides a satisfactory throat hit even if you do not choose the PG or VG option. This range gives you a stouter hit and delivers you the maximum satisfaction. If you are weak and do not want a throat hit you can try the sweet E juice of Desert category like chocolate, mint chocolate, butterscotch etc.

Here are some of the flavors Popular among the customers of E Liquid

  1. Apple Smoke Tobacco:
  2. Havaiian Mesquite
  3. Menthol Smoke Tobacco
  4. Hickory Smoke Tobacco
  5. Cherry Smoke Tobacco
  6. RY #4

Blue Berry E Liquid Flavors

If your cartomizer runs out and you urgently want to buy a new E Liquid for a satisfying vaporing, blueberry should be a good option. Blueberry gives a fruity flavor. It can be easily customized according to your preferences of vaping. You can also select the level of nicotine and VG and PG ratio without paying any extra cost. Blueberry is one of the most popular flavor and it enables more vaping.

Following are the some of the Blue Berry E Liquid flavors:

  1. Blueberry Chocolate
  2. Blueberry Cheese Cake
  3. Blueberry Italian Crème Soda
  4. Blueberry

The above flavors are available in quantities ranging from 7.5 ml to 30 ml and 0 mg to 36 mg.s

Vanilla E Liquid Flavors


The vanilla E juice is voted as one of the best and the most popular tasting E juice. It has an excellent, sweet taste which gives good quality of Vaping. The best thing about using a Vanilla E Juice is that it can be blended with any Juice. It is also very reasonable and can be blended with hundred flavors.

Here are some of the Vanilla E liquid Flavors:

  1. Vanilla Cola
  2. Vanilla Butternut
  3. Vanilla


the above flavors are available in the quantity ranging from 7.5 ml to 30 ml and 0 mg to 36 mg.

PG and VG

While purchasing a E Liquid it is important that you choose the level of PG and VG. If you want more vapors you should go for PG and if you are looking for a throat hit then you should go for VG. You can go for both the option and balance the throat hit with sweetness.

Propylene Glycol E Liquid: Propylene Glycol gives a strong flavor to the E cigarette. It gives a solid throat hit while vaping and generally used in 70 percent amount. It is used in thinning the flavors of E juice and can be customized with Nicotine. Be careful if you are allergic as Pg triggers allergies.


Vegetable Glycerin E Liquid: this is used to produce more vapors as compared to PG and is generally used as 30 percent of the amount. It is thicker and thinned with the help of other flavors of E juice. It is also customizable with nicotine and is recommended for those who have allergy to PG.


Deciding the PG or VG varies from person to person and it is recommended that PG should be 70 percent and VG should be 30 percent blend.


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Vapor Juice

Once you get a Vapor Juice of your choice and of proper strength that suits you, you can go for any vaping device that you like- be it a simple starter small e sig or an e cig with variable voltage or variable wattage, a custom personal vaporizers or a MOD and choose any one from refillable tank, re-buildable atomizer coil and wicks system or else. For getting most intense flavor and huge vapors from the Vapor Juice many experienced vapers don’t’ mind to take little trouble of dripping techniques.

The tank type which gives best Result:

Cartomizer, the portmanteau word which blends cartridge and atomizer works by utilizing a tank that can be filled with some poly-fill material. It is an advanced and modified version of atomizer and thus has more advantage as compared to atomizer. Vapor Juice is filled in the tank which is burned slowly by electric current to produce vapor. It is somewhat close to clearomizer, but the small difference makes a lot to vaping experience.

Refilling of Caratomizer for filling Vapor Juice:

A Cartomizer may be refillable type or non-refillable type. Refillable means you can refill the cartomizer tank with a new Vapor Juice when it gets empty. Since you can use it over and over again, it is more economic in long run. But you must clean your tank thoroughly to avoid flavor ghosting or mixed flavor when a vape juice of different flavor is filled as well as for long life of the cartomizer itself.Boge is a reputed maker of cartomizer tanks that offers many options to choose from.

Use the Best Vapor Juice for your Device and for yourself:

Choice of Vapor Juice is vary impotant for your vaping pleasure as well as for your device. There are mainly two types of liquid base for Vapor Juice. Propylene Glycol or what is commonly known as PG is free flowing and good for both your vaping device and for carrying the flavors you choose. This food additive though very safe and easy flowing produces less amount of vapors as compared to another commonly used e liquid base VG or Vegetable Glycerin. VG is not liked by many vapers due to its sweetness in test and high density that inhibit Vaper Juice to flow smoothly through atomizer or cartomizer tanks. But it is liked for its quality to produce enormous vapors. Thus most companies use both the PG and the VG organic liquid base to prepare their e juice. The usual ratios are 70% PG and 30% VG. But some e liquids are 50/50 mixture of these substances.

The choice of nicotine contents per mille liter of Vapor Juice is the most important thing. If you are not a hard core smoker or vaper, start with less nicotine concentration like 6 mg/ml nicotine. You can choose 12 mg nicotine/ml or 18 mg nicotine/ml or 24 mg nicotine/ml depending on your preference and tolerance.

Actual pleasure lies in flavor of the Vaping Juice. You have so many flavors by so many manufacturers to pick from, that you may find it difficult to remain stuck to a particular flavor.


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The Best E Juice


E-juice is also known as e-liquid, smoke juice etc. It acts as a fuel to electronic cigarettes. It provides the flavoring and nicotine to your personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The amount of nicotine you add to your e- juice depends on you. The people who are high smokers basically starts with 24 mg whereas the light smokers with 12 mg. People who are willing to quit nicotine at all, lowers the level of nicotine in the e-liquid with time. The 0 mg contains only vapor and pure form of flavor with no nicotine.

What is an e juice?

The e liquid refers to a liquid, which is used in the cartridge of the e cigarette. It generally consists of four important components like the vapor, nicotine, and other flavoring agents, which are used to add flavor to the e cigarette. It is only the nicotine, which is harmful. Mostly, the E liquid is propylene Glycol based; this product produces sweet juices with less amount of vapor. Whereas, vegetable glycerin is used for producing more amount of vapor and is comparatively less sweet. There is e juice, which comprises of both types of agents. E liquids are available depending on the strength, which depends on the amount of nicotine. There are cigarettes, which contain zero nicotine and even as high as 4.8 % of nicotine. Generally, it is difficult to find nicotine level higher than 2.6 %. There are four important ingredients in the e juice.

  1. Propylene Glycol
  2. Vegetable glycerin
  3. Nicotine
  4. Flavor


Strength of the e liquid

The strength of the E liquid is determined with the amount of nicotine present in the E cigarette. According to some people, people who smoke a packet per day do not require the intake of 1.2 % of nicotine. Whereas, there are people who think that they might require a higher strength of nicotine. It is recommended that if you are new to the e cigarettes, you should go for a bottle of 24 to 36 mg with no nicotine present. If the nicotine becomes too much, you can dilute the mixture according to your need. It is a misconception that people think that the e cigarettes taste like the real ones; this is not true as there is no combustion. It is advisable that before trying a new flavor you should buy small size of bottles of various liquid until you get your favorite one.

Storage of the e liquid

It is advisable to store the liquid in a place, which is cool as well as dry. The bottle should not be directly exposed to the sunlight. It is because of this reason that the manufacturers of the e liquid choose the colored bottle of glass, which helps in reducing the exposure to the sunlight. It is important that the e liquid is kept out and hidden from the children and also the pets in your house as this can be harmful. You should also see the expiry date and the date of manufacturer on the bottle before using it.


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